DCF: Decentralising climate funds in Mali and Senegal

  • Countries of Operation: Senegal, Mali

More effective climate adaptation planning and finance by local governments in Mali and Senegal will improve communities' resilience to climate change.


Decentralising Climate Funds (DCF) supports communities in Mali and Senegal to become more resilient to climate change through locally-controlled adaptation funds.

We will :

  1. Ensure that investments in climate adaptation are identified and prioritised by local communities through participatory processes that are inclusive of women and young people
  2. Promote transparent and accountable local governance of investment funds
  3. Firmly embed local funds in local and national systems for finance, decentralisation, climate change and development planning
  4. Evaluate, document and share experiences and lessons learnt


  1. Devolved finance and planning mechanisms are established and functional in three Cercles (Mali) and four Départements (Senegal) to support community-prioritised investments in public goods that build climate resilience.
  2. Vulnerable communities in three Cercles (Mali) and four Départements (Senegal) benefit from public good investments that build resilience and reflect community priorities
  3. Evidence and learning on the effectiveness of decentralised climate finance to improve communities’ resilience is generated and disseminated
  4. Mechanisms and processes established for national governments to engage with locally generated evidence.

Project details

Decentralising Climate Funds (DCF) is an action-research and advocacy project supporting communities in Senegal and Mali to become more resilient to climate change through access to locally-controlled adaptation funds. Resilience investments are identified and prioritised by local communities through a participatory process which is inclusive of women. Planning and finance mechanisms are embedded in local and national systems. We share locally-generated evidence from these experiences with local, national and international audiences, to encourage greater decentralisation of climate funds. DCF is part of the UK government-funded BRACED programme and is implemented by the Near East Foundation (NEF) with Innovation, Environnement et Développement en Afrique (IED Afrique) and the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED).


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