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NGOs are shaking up climate services in Africa. Should we be worried?

Blane Harvey, Lindsey Jones, Logan Cochrane and Roop Singh

A concern is around the long-term viability of hard-fought development gains

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Access to water, a source of stability for breeders in the target ...

Yaya Bouare

"Access to water has allowed us to stay and take care of our families"

Marking the corridor of livestock in the Sahel, less conflicts between...

Yaya Bouare

"Before this project in our municipality we were involved in the management of several conflicts between farmers and breeders"


Ugandan farmers test big-data solution to climate challenges

Lydia Namubiru

Gathering information on farmers can help find answers to their problems - from extreme weather to lack of credit - but turning that data into a business is tricky

The tree helping Kenyan farmers beat drought and poverty

Kagondu Njagi

Agroforestry - the practice of planting trees in fields - can protect both crops and soil from harsh weather, as well as providing timber to sell

Watch your step: Kenyan herders mark out disease-free grazing routes

Kagondu Njagi

With droughts and floods shrinking the amount of habitable land, the search for food and water is driving people and wildlife deeper into each other's territories, raising the risk of disease ...

Climate change an 'imminent' security threat, risk experts say

Laurie Goering

From Iraq and Pakistan to the Caribbean, climate change is driving threats of new insecurity and violence, security analysts say

In Ethiopia, climate change leads herders to retrain as farmers

Sebastien Malo

As droughts becomes harsher, killing animals, adding in vegetable farming - and other money makers - is paying off for pastoralists

Kenyan farmers trust tradition over tech to predict the weather

Caroline Wambui

About a third of Kenya's farmers still do not use the national weather service to help them plan and protect their crops


Report Disasters journal special edition

BRACED partners

Drawing on BRACED, this special issue of Disasters reflects on resilience-building in some of the world’s most climate-vulnerable countries and contexts.

Report The evolving landscape of climate services in sub-Saharan Africa

Blane Harvey, Lindsey Jones, Logan Cochrane and Roop Singh

This paper critically examines the evolving climate services landscape and raises questions about what the future holds for climate services in sub-Saharan Africa.

Report Intersectional approaches to vulnerability reduction & resilience

Daniel Chaplin, John Twigg and Emma Lovell

This scoping paper explores intersectional approaches to vulnerability reduction and resilience-building, with the aim of informing institutional policy and operational practice.

Report Climate change, conflict and security scan

Katie Peters and Leigh Mayhew (ODI)

This Scan summarises the literature and social media coverage on the topic of resilience, climate change, conflict and security from April - July 2018.

Case Study Exploring links between financial services and climate resilience

Juliette Perche and Lindsey Jones

This report lays out early findings from mobile phone surveys conducted in Hpa-An township, eastern Myanmar, focusing on access to financial services and emergency funds.

Guide A 1.5°C warmer world: A guide for policy-makers and practitioners

Roop Singh, Lucinda Farhurst, Jenny Clover, Natalie Belew

Reality of Resilience

2016 in review: BRACED in the context of climate shocks and stresses

  • Last Updated: 06/09/2017
  • Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Senegal, Niger, Nepal, Mauritania, Myanmar, Mali, Kenya, Ethiopia, Chad, Burkina Faso




International Winter School - Gender equality and resilience

Cape Town, South Africa

An international winter school to share knowledge and improve global awareness of, and responsiveness to gender equality in the contexts of disaster risks, climate change and conflict.


BRACED is helping people become more resilient to climate extremes in South and Southeast Asia and in the African Sahel and its neighbouring countries. To improve the integration of disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation methods into development approaches, BRACED seeks to influence policies and practices at the local, national and international level


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In warming Mali, weather forecasts help cool flaring tempers

A text messaging service in Mali helps farmers cope with unpredictable weather patterns linked to climate change


The paradox of water development in Kenya's drylands

In Kenya's Wajir county, the emphasis on water development is happening at the expense of good water governance

Local funding fears as Britain sunsets climate resilience programme

Aid workers worry development projects will run short of money, putting hard-won gains at risk

Should aid work stop when militants move in?

Development groups grapple with the insecurity that limits help for those who most need it in fragile states

Kenyan students blaze a trail for 'planetary health' diet

Children have been working hard to grow nutritious food in their school garden, boosting community health

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