In Focus

How do economies bounce back after a disaster?

Charlotte Rye and Catherine Simonet, ODI

Building risk profiles can help countries recover from disasters

BRACED Updates

Forum aims to link – and strengthen - African adaptation efforts

ENDA Energie

Can Africa’s most important adaptation efforts learn from each other, improve the quality of adaptation on the continent and find ways to build long-term expertise?

Chad residents in planting drive with tree nurseries

Alain Tsobeng and Ann Degrande, World Agroforestry Centre

Fruit tree nurseries bring grafting – a planting technique – to drought-stricken areas


As solar refrigerator keeps mangoes cold, farmers’ profits heat up

Leopold Obi

Solar-powered cold storage and biological pest control are helping protect Kenya's mangoes from climate change

Nepal quake survivors rebuild lives with organic farming

Arun Karki

An organic farming programme allows Nepalese farmers to boost their income and rebuild their homes

Kenyan farmers tackle crop failure by swapping seeds for seedlings

Caroline Wambui

Kenyan farmers are turning to seed propagation, whereby seeds are grown in a greenhouse before the farmers transplant the seedlings at home.

Unleash the entrepreneur in every small farmer - new UN agency chief

Umberto Bacchi

Gilbert Houngbo, who served as Prime Minister of Togo from 2008 to 2012, was appointed as president of IFAD on Tuesday evening

Young Indian farmers spice up market for organic Himalayan crops

Athar Parvaiz

The tiny Himalayan state of Sikkim has been declared 100 percent organic, but farmers need help to transport and sell their produce

Green and safe, or dirty and dangerous?

Thin Lei Win

With millions of people pouring into East Asia's cities each year, resources are strained and disaster risks are rising

Reality of Resilience

Senegal floods 2016

  • Last Updated: 15/08/2016
  • Senegal

Nepal floods 2016

  • Last Updated: 10/08/2016
  • Nepal

Kenya Floods 2016

  • Last Updated: 06/05/2016
  • Kenya


Report Disasters and national economic resilience

Catherine Simonet, Eva Comba and Emily Wilkinson

This paper aims to provide an analysis of economic resilience at the national level, presenting broad changes in resilience to climate extremes over a 42 year period.

Guide How does social protection build resilience?

Rachel Slater and Martina Ulrichs

A series of briefings assess evidence from Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia on how large-scale national social protection programmes contribute to resilience.

Case Study Empowering women to diversify their income

Medhanit Gebremichael, Farm Africa

A savings and loans group allows Ethiopian women to create and develop their own business

Case Study Saving for success

Medhanit Gebremichael, Farm Africa

By running businesses and diversifying their income, group members are reducing their vulnerability to climate shocks

Guide 7 things to know about managing climate risk through social protec

Cecilia Costella, Carina Bachofen and Gabriela Marcondes

Find out how social protection can be a key instrument to help reduce poverty and vulnerability and deal with climate shocks and natural disasters.

Guide Adaptive social protection:linking theory to reality on the ground

Chris Bene, Alex Cornelius, Fanny Howland (Itad)

How to build a system capable of responding in a flexible way to different kind of shocks?




Aid & Development Africa Summit 2017

Nairobi, Kenya

The Aid & Development Africa Summit 2017 is an exclusive platform uniting regional and global expertise and offering a unique opportunity for cross-sector engagement between UN and government agencies...



Africa Learning Forum on Adaptation

Saly, Senegal

ALFA2017 aims to help Africa’s most important adaptation efforts learn from each other, improve the quality of adaptation on the continent and find ways to build long-term expertise


BRACED is helping people become more resilient to climate extremes in South and Southeast Asia and in the African Sahel and its neighbouring countries. To improve the integration of disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation methods into development approaches, BRACED seeks to influence policies and practices at the local, national and international level


Internal Learning Lounge

The internal Learning Lounge offers BRACED partners the opportunity to have discussions on specific topics, connect to peers, share learning, ask for advice and network. Please note that you can only register and access the Learning Lounge if you are a BRACED partner.

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How can the world reduce disaster losses for the poor?

An estimated 26 million people are forced into poverty each year by global disasters

Time to talk about climate change differently?

We need to speak the right language to persuade people that acting on climate change is in their own best interest

Tracking resilience across a programme

How do you track changes in resilience across 120 organisations, 15 projects and 13 countries?

Standing up for equal pay

How can we empower women through disaster resilience?


Livestock mobility under threat

Livestock mobility - while essential - is increasingly under threat in the Sahel.