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Faster, clearer data on disasters might help shield women and children

Amantha Perera

Women and children can be disproportionately affected by disasters, but taking a quick, close look at disaster data could help reduce their vulnerabilities

BRACED Updates

Adapting farming techniques – and behaviours

Clémence Duron and George Jacob, Self Help Africa

Farmers in this drought-hit region of Burkina Faso learn to diversify their production, use drought-tolerant seeds and improve soil fertility.

Recipes for resilience

Emna-Zina Thabet (Welthungerhilfe)

How women are fighting malnutrition in rural Burkina Faso


From floods to disease, disaster risk rising in surging African cities

Laurie Goering

But plenty of ideas on how to sort out the problems are emerging, from organising slumdwellers to simply deciding which are the key risks to take on first

Community cooker helps clean up Kenya’s choking Lake Naivasha

Kagondu Njagi

With waste increasingly out of control, a plan to collect it and use it for fuel is also helping feed workers

Hotline, 'gender champions', tackle violence against girls in Kenya

Zoe Tabary

Pastoralist girls in drought-hit Wajir often must walk long distances to fetch water – making them an easy target for abusers.

Drought-hit Kenyans ‘leave soil alone’ to reap higher yields – and ...

Anthony Langat

"Zero tillage" is helping Kenyan farmers reap higher yields and curbing climate change

Killer heatwaves set for dramatic rise, researchers warn

Manipadma Jena

As climate change picks up pace, "for heatwaves, our options are now between bad or terrible," says one researcher

For women in Kenya's dry north, water is power

Anthony Langat

A new way of funding climate change projects at the local level is giving women more say over the use of precious resources


Report Assessing climate information services in Wajir County, Kenya

Mercy Corps

This study seeks to understand the scope of climate information research and communication with pastoralist communities

Guide Too complex to measure? Exploring resilience

Vicky Sword-Daniels, ITAD

Resilience measurement is complex. Yet it helps to build crucial evidence about how and why resilience is being strengthened, for whom, and in which contexts.

Case Study How weather and climate information can support local government

Emma Visman, Zaman Lebidi

Report of the joint BRACED Zaman Lebidi / AMMA 2050 workshop

Report BRACED Annual Learning Event 2017 - summary report

Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Summary report from the BRACED Annual Learning Event in Entebbe, Uganda

Report Supporting policy and practice in pastoralist areas

Mercy Corps

How Mercy Corps aims to inform decision-making, planning and implementation around key areas relevant to climate resilience in Wajir, Kenya

Case Study Climate-resilient planning: reflections on testing a new toolkit

Mariana Matoso, Raj Kumar GC and Guy Jobbins

This paper explores how BRACED developed a toolkit to guide staff through the planning and implementing of resilient basic service delivery systems on the ground.

Reality of Resilience

Senegal floods 2016

  • Last Updated: 15/08/2016
  • Senegal

Nepal floods 2016

  • Last Updated: 10/08/2016
  • Nepal

Kenya Floods 2016

  • Last Updated: 06/05/2016
  • Kenya


BRACED is helping people become more resilient to climate extremes in South and Southeast Asia and in the African Sahel and its neighbouring countries. To improve the integration of disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation methods into development approaches, BRACED seeks to influence policies and practices at the local, national and international level


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Dry-season irrigation in Ethiopia

This video presents the experience of Ethiopian farmers who are testing small-scale irrigation technologies along with improved practices, such as irrigation scheduling, to strengthen food security ...


Forest and farm producers: first responders to climate change

Failure to invest in small agro-forestry farmers threatens their critical work to protect trees and adapt to climate change

Key role for BRACED in ‘new era’ for IPCC global climate assessment

What should the next IPCC assessment report focus on?

New 'vibe' at Bonn as efforts to cut climate risk, spur development ...

When disaster hits, people don’t care whether a climate, disaster or development policy would help. They just want a solution

Measuring progress toward climate resilience – what's in the toolbox?

How effective are tools designed to assess resilience in the face of climate change?

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