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Women call for climate adaptation funds at U.S. climate summit

Sebastien Malo

“The belief of donors, the belief of governments and development partners and private (finance) is generally that grassroots women are not bankable”

BRACED Updates

A tailor-made action plan to deal with climate change

Dioumawoye Natou Sangho

In Mali, the Waati Yelema Labenw team has successfully completed a community outreach, the first step in devising a series of climate action plans

Addressing the root causes of farmer-herder conflicts in Chad

David Traynor, Concern Worldwide and Anne Radday, Feinstein International Center, Tufts University

How can we equip those working with farmers and herders to understand the causes of conflict in eastern Chad?


In Pakistan, a high mountain water pipe brings a bonus: peace

Rina Saeed Khan

Better water storage and a more secure supply mean conflicts over water are declining - and harvests are growing

Arid Niger a 'model for Africa' as desert blooms

Thin Lei Win

Rainwater storage and smarter farming is making life easier for Niger's farmers

Ban Ki-moon, Gates lend muscle to help world weather climate change

Megan Rowling

High-powered commission aims to strengthen funding and practical solutions for people and economies coping with climate change

With 'worm juice,' Kenya's farmers boost their soil - and harvests

Kagondu Njagi

Prolonged drought and storm-related flooding have combined to erode fertile soils in rural parts of Kenya

As India adds 100 Smart Cities, one tells a cautionary tale

Rina Chandran

India's $7.5 bln plan to turn 100 urban centres into Smart Cities by 2020 does not address structural issues and ignores the needs of low-income and marginalised groups

Where is the promised money, campaigners ask at climate talks

Rina Chandran

Faced with mounting costs from climate-linked disasters, poorer nations need help quickly, activists say at Bangkok negotiations


Report The market-based approach to resilience in Ethiopia: qualitative e

Gil Yaron, Adanech Dutu and Dave Wilson

This report explores which BRACED interventions and combinations of interventions made the most difference in Ethiopia

Report Resilience Results: BRACED final evaluation

Jennifer Leavy, Edward Boydell, Stephen McDowell and Barbora Sladkova

This report presents a synthesis of project-level final evaluations, carried out after three years of implementation of the BRACED programme.

Report Routes to resilience: insights from BRACED final year

Paula Silva Villanueva, Ruth Phillips Itty and Victoria Sword-Daniels

Following three years of implementing 15 BRACED projects, this report collates and synthesises evidence to understand how BRACED is building resilience.

Report Nepal: Added value of market incentives on disaster risk reduction

Jill Scantlan, Olga Petryniak and Chet Tamang

A monitoring study to explore whether combining community-based disaster risk reduction with market-based economic incentives improved disaster resilience

Report How does resilience change over time?

Lindsey Jones, Paola Ballon and Johannes von Engelhardt

Tracking post-disaster recovery using mobile phone surveys

Case Study How does innovation build climate resilience in the Sahel?

Natasha Grist

This paper examines five innovations from the BRACED programme working with vulnerable Sahelian populations, drawing lessons for other resilience-building efforts.

Reality of Resilience

2016 in review: BRACED in the context of climate shocks and stresses

  • Last Updated: 06/09/2017
  • Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Senegal, Niger, Nepal, Mauritania, Myanmar, Mali, Kenya, Ethiopia, Chad, Burkina Faso


BRACED is helping people become more resilient to climate extremes in South and Southeast Asia and in the African Sahel and its neighbouring countries. To improve the integration of disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation methods into development approaches, BRACED seeks to influence policies and practices at the local, national and international level


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Corridor to the future? Mauritania's nomadic herders seek safe passage

Can negotiating safe travel corridors across national borders help the Sahel's pastoralists survive intensifying drought?


G7 punch below weight on funding for gender-equal climate adaptation

Climate change is exacerbating inequalities, and governments need to invest more to protect women from its impacts

What is the value of seasonal forecasts?

Early forecasts can help farmers adapt - but whether they're used depends on everything from skepticism to timing

Despite challenges, Green Climate Fund is critical to global action

A strong, effective fund is needed more than ever to serve the Paris agreement

Sexist climate change? Women and girls hit hardest by extreme weather

In parts of the world where grave gender inequality is already stark, droughts, floods and other freak weather events mean women and girls are often among the last to receive help

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