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Hit by wild weather, Africa moves to modernise its forecasting

Maina Waruru

Upgrading outdated weather services could help ease losses from weather and climate disasters, backers say

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Where to find BRACED at COP 23

BRACED Knowledge Manager

Two years after leaving Paris with a milestone climate agreement, the UNFCCC is about to meet again –in Bonn, Germany, on November 6-17. Here is a list of where to find BRACED at the COP.

Burkina Faso’s farmers get weather information at their fingertips

Emna-Zina Thabet, Welthungerhilfe

With increasingly erratic weather patterns, it has become urgent for farmers to know when to sow or what seeds to use.


As climate threats grow, Iraq battles a new enemy: Water shortages

Laurie Goering

Changing rainfall, dams in neighbouring nations, overuse and damage from earthquakes and fighting are leaving Iraq parched, water minister says

In Jakarta, flood-hit slum residents aim for a higher, drier future

Zoe Tabary

An effort to rehouse flood-battered residents in apartment buildings is winning converts

'Where is the justice?' ask climate 'refugees', sidelined from deal

Lin Taylor

"Those of us who are least responsible, continue to bear the brunt"

Grub's up! Climate-conscious foodies swap cows for crickets

Lee Mannion

A wave of social enterprises are trying to get people to eat insects instead of meat

As tractors dig to green the land, Niger women lose out on work

Boureima Balima

Land projects such as this one have turned large tracts of Niger from brown to green in recent years and made parts of the hot, dry West African nation productive again

As rains grow erratic, Pakistan taps irrigation to protect crops

Waqar Mustafa

System aims to capture floodwater and monsoon runoff to boost food production in climate change-hit region


Case Study Reality of Resilience: 2016–17 drought in East Africa

Roop Singh

The 2016–2017 drought across the Horn of Africa has contributed to failed harvests, extensive livestock deaths and food insecurity. This paper reveal lessons on using forecasts to trigger early action...

Report Community stories of resilience in ASEAN


This report highlights good practice in resilience building across ASEAN.

Report Routes to resilience: lessons from monitoring BRACED year 2

Paula Silva Villanueva and Victoria Sword-Daniels

This paper shares insights, reflections and lessons learnt from designing, implementing and reporting against the BRACED Monitoring and Evaluation framework.

Report Routes to resilience: insights from BRACED year 2

Paula Silva Villanueva and Victoria Sword-Daniels

Two years into the implementation of BRACED, this report collates and synthesises evidence from BRACED projects, to understand how projects are building resilience.

Report Crisis modifiers

Katie Peters and Florence Pichon

A solution for a more flexible development-humanitarian system?

Report Impact assessment of permagardens in Uganda

Mercy Corps

Impact assessment of the permagarden activities being implemented under the BRACED programme in Uganda.

Reality of Resilience

2016 in review: BRACED in the context of climate shocks and stresses

  • Last Updated: 06/09/2017
  • Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, Senegal, Niger, Nepal, Mauritania, Myanmar, Mali, Kenya, Ethiopia, Chad, Burkina Faso


BRACED is helping people become more resilient to climate extremes in South and Southeast Asia and in the African Sahel and its neighbouring countries. To improve the integration of disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation methods into development approaches, BRACED seeks to influence policies and practices at the local, national and international level


Internal Learning Lounge

The internal Learning Lounge offers BRACED partners the opportunity to have discussions on specific topics, connect to peers, share learning, ask for advice and network. Please note that you can only register and access the Learning Lounge if you are a BRACED partner.


How to ensure food security in times of climate change

Climate change is likely to disrupt food production in many regions. How can we mitigate its impact?


Mountains under pressure: climate change, hunger and migration

Is there anything more solid, steadfast, unmovable than a mountain? Yet, cracks are appearing, with climate change triggering highland disasters and threatening lives, jobs and food security.

It's time to rethink the future of global governance through games

Games offer familiar structures designed to allow us to play with the unfamiliar and rethink what is possible

Poorest bear brunt of climate shocks in cities

From flooding to heat stress, cities are facing worsening climate-related challenges

Forecasting food security in eastern Chad

What can the amount and distribution of rainfall tell us about future food security?

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