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Sand dams protect water for drought-hit pastoralists in Kenya

Benson Rioba

As droughts take hold, simple sand deposits, built in rivers, can be a lifeline for pastoralists in East Africa

BRACED Updates

Diversifying production and income sources in Myanmar

L Kalu Htoo and Han May, Action Aid

Savings and climate-smart agriculture build farmers' resilience and income

"In South Sudan, it’s all about small victories"

Karen Mc Donnell and Makur James Achuoth, IRISS

Building communities’ resilience to climate extremes is possible even in the harshest of environments


German scientists test world's 'largest artificial sun'

Zoe Tabary

"We're essentially bringing the sun to the Earth", in order to make hydrogen fuel, says scientist

Governments must recognise wastewater as resource - U.N.

Magdalena Mis

"Wastewater itself is a valuable resource... We need to stop seeing it as a burden to be dealt with. It's not a waste and should not be a waste, especially in this world of water scarcity."

Kenyan farmers battle drought with growing appetite for baby corn

Kagondu Njagi

A growing number of farmers in Kenya are switching to growing baby corn – an immature ear harvested early and eaten whole - as a way around unreliable rainfall

Faced with rising seas, French Polynesia ponders floating islands

Sebastien Malo

Could small islands threatened by sea level rise find a new future afloat?

From floating homes to fish ponds, $10 mln award backs solutions to ...

Thin Lei Win

"Our intention is to shift the priorities so that people invest before the event, so they don't have to invest as much after"

Staying safe from disasters pays, but will funders listen?

Megan Rowling

Work is underway to show the economic benefits of investing to make cities and communities more resilient

Reality of Resilience

Senegal floods 2016

  • Last Updated: 15/08/2016
  • Senegal

Nepal floods 2016

  • Last Updated: 10/08/2016
  • Nepal

Kenya Floods 2016

  • Last Updated: 06/05/2016
  • Kenya


Guide How to conduct an effective interview

Laurie Goering and Zoe Tabary, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Everything you need to know about conducting a good interview

Guide How to tell a compelling story about your project

Laurie Goering and Zoe Tabary, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Have a great story to tell about your project but not sure where to start? Here are a few pointers.

Report Disasters and national economic resilience

Catherine Simonet, Eva Comba and Emily Wilkinson

This paper aims to provide an analysis of economic resilience at the national level, presenting broad changes in resilience to climate extremes over a 42 year period.

Guide How does social protection build resilience?

Rachel Slater and Martina Ulrichs

A series of briefings assess evidence from Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia on how large-scale national social protection programmes contribute to resilience.

Case Study Empowering women to diversify their income

Medhanit Gebremichael, Farm Africa

A savings and loans group allows Ethiopian women to create and develop their own business

Case Study Saving for success

Medhanit Gebremichael, Farm Africa

By running businesses and diversifying their income, group members are reducing their vulnerability to climate shocks



BRACED is helping people become more resilient to climate extremes in South and Southeast Asia and in the African Sahel and its neighbouring countries. To improve the integration of disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation methods into development approaches, BRACED seeks to influence policies and practices at the local, national and international level


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Can solar pumps give Nepal's women farmers a brighter future?

Giving women loans to buy solar panels for irrigation - and access to land - can help them build resilience to climate change

Building resilience in fragile states, conflict settings key challenge

It's time for more focus on how to build resilience in the toughest settings, where history and local institutions may be part of the answer

How do economies bounce back after a disaster?

Building risk profiles can help countries recover from disasters

How can the world reduce disaster losses for the poor?

An estimated 26 million people are forced into poverty each year by global disasters


Participatory gender training in Nepal

How can community groups reflect on their gender perceptions, critically discuss gender roles at home and in the community, and develop bargaining skills?