Vivre avec l'eau | Live with water: Capturing urban floodwaters for water stock and micro-gardening

  • Countries of Operation: Senegal
Yearly downpours in Senegal lead to flooding in irregular, urban settlements causing health risks as well as major damage to household and community life.

The partnership “Vivre avec l’eau | Live with water” builds resilience to flooding for 920’000 vulnerable people through an innovative, integrated and community-based approach. This approach incorporates interventions in three fields: infrastructure (floodwater evacuation and harvesting, decentralised sewerage treatment, solid waste management and urban gardening and greening); policy (district flood contingency plans and national policy advice); and capacity building (training and awareness building for beneficiaries and key stakeholders, with a special focus on empowering women).

Watch a Thomson Reuters Foundation video on our work here.


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