Vivre avec l'eau | Live with water: Capturing urban floodwaters for water stock and micro-gardening

  • Countries of Operation: Senegal
The "Living with Water" project aims to improve resilience to urban flooding of 860 000 vulnerable persons living in ten communes in the suburbs of Dakar, Senegal, through a multidisciplinary, integrated and inclusive approach, involving stakeholders at the local and national levels.

This project, implemented since May 2015 by a consortium of nine organizations, of which the Consortium for Economic and Social Research (CRES) is lead partner, combines infrastructure activities (with the construction of rainwater evacuation system) to capacity building activities, and supports the development and implementation of a better flood management strategy in the departments of Dakar, Pikine, Guédiawaye and Rufisque. The project also helps the beneficiaries to improve their waste collection system, supports the creation of waste related small companies and improve the environment of the beneficiaries by building public furniture and embellishments.

Main achievements to date

Sixty-two rainwater evacuation infrastructures were built in the 10 communes of intervention of the project, more than 400 tons of waste have been taken out of these vulnerable areas. Live With Water supported the beneficiaries in doing income generating activities, waste collection, urban gardening, production and selling of compost etc. In each commune a flood emergency plan was elaborated and the population trained to be able to prevent the flooding and know how to react quickly in case of flooding. The population also benefited from door-to-door sessions to learn more on how to improve their resilience to flooding.

Next steps

The beneficiaries are eager to continue their activities after the end of the project. Some of the local management units created by the project are officially recognized by the local authorities, and some beneficiaries already organized themselves and set up an action plans to ensure the sustainability of the Live With Water realisation in their communes.

Watch a Thomson Reuters Foundation video on our work here.


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