BRACED Programme Monitoring and Evaluation Guidance Notes

  • By Paula Silva Villanueva, Catherine Gould, Robbie Gregorowski, Aditya Bahadur
  • 22/12/2015

The BRACED Knowledge Manager is concerned with generating and understanding evidence on how the BRACED programme is building the resilience of its stakeholders to climate-related extremes and disasters. To do this we need to monitor, measure and interpret the changes being brought about by the programme.  

The BRACED programme is made up of a number of components, including 15 country-level resilience building projects in West Africa, East Africa and Asia. The BRACED Knowledge Manager has developed a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework which the 15 BRACED projects contribute to.  This enables us to conduct analysis at the programme level and to test an approach to monitoring and measuring changes in resilience brought about by different interventions in multiple contexts.

The BRACED M&E Guidance Notes set out the BRACED M&E framework itself and the guidance provided to the 15 country-level project Implementing Partners during the first year of the programme. Both the Knowledge Manager and Implementing Partners themselves are learning through the practical application of the framework and guidance. The Knowledge Manager will be documenting learning and updating the guidance based on experiences throughout the programme.

Related M&E documents:

Routes to resilience: Insights from BRACED year 1. One year into implementing BRACED, this report collates and synthesises evidence from project Implementing Partners’ annual reports, to understand how projects are building resilience so far.

Routes to resilience: Lessons from monitoring BRACED. This paper shares insights, reflections and lessons learnt from designing, implementing and reporting against the BRACED Monitoring and Evaluation framework.

BRACED Year 1 Annual Reporting Templates. The Knowledge Manager Monitoring and Results Reporting team developed a set of reporting templates during year 1 to enable BRACED Implementing Partners to reflect on and report against the M&E framework. This is an abridged version of the full Annual Report Supplement that BRACED project Implementing Partners reported year 1 progress against.

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