Archive Planning together and sharing data to maximize research

  • By Emily Wilkinson
  • 26/05/2015
26 May 11:30 am London time: This online discussion forum will give the Knowledge Manager (KM) research team, Implementing Partners (IPs) researchers, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) leads and others interested in knowledge creation a chance to ask questions about each other’s research plans and how we might produce and share data in a way that adds up to a really substantial portfolio of research projects. More specifically, the session will give us a chance to discuss: • the manner in which Implementing Partners (IPs) and the Knowledge and Manager (KM) can collaborate to develop research outputs together • the manner in which Implementing Partners (IPs) can collaborate with each other on research • the Knowledge and Manager (KM) research publication plan and standards • how Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), learning, communications and research (across the Knowledge and Manager and Implementing Partners) will work together to generate knowledge and learning

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