About the Knowledge Manager

The role of the Knowledge Manager is to ensure BRACED is contributing to a sustained and transformational impact on people’s resilience to climate extremes beyond the communities directly supported by funded projects. It does this through generating evidence and learning on resilience from across the BRACED programme to inform and influence the policies and programmes of practitioners, governments and funding agencies.

Evidence from across the BRACED portfolio and beyond is gathered through evaluations at different levels, thematic research, and original learning approaches. BRACED Implementing Partners will be supported to increase the impact of their projects through integrating ongoing learning into their approach, evidence will be shared with practitioners to benefit wider programming and fed in to policy dialogues to inform national policies and institutions. The Knowledge Manager is run by a consortium of six organisation, listed below.

This guide details more information about the BRACED Knowledge Manager and the various learning tools it uses to generate and share knowledge on what works and what doesn't in terms of building resilience to climate extremes and disasters.

You can also view our handy infographic on the BRACED programme as a whole and how the Knowledge Manager works alongside it.



Report BRACED Resilience Exchange


The Resilience Exchange explores what the BRACED programme has learned so far.

Report Evaluating complex programmes

Jennifer Leavy, Stephen McDowell, Edward Boydell, Gretta Fitzgerald and Nicola Giordano

What works and why in implementing and achieving outcomes in adaptation and resilience-building projects? This paper considers the challenges faced and lessons learned in the mid-term review of BRACED...

Report Making progress: BRACED at the mid-term

Jennifer Leavy, Edward Boydell and Stephen McDowell

This report presents a synthesis of project-level mid-term reviews, carried out after 18 months’ implementation of the BRACED programme.

Case Study Framing innovations for climate resilience for farmers in the Sahe

Natasha Grist and Blane Harvey, with project staff from Zaman Lebidi, SUR1M, BRICS and PRESENCES

This paper examines innovative approaches that have been adopted in four BRACED projects to build resilience to current and future climate risks.

Case Study Financial services for resilience: how to assess the impacts?

Penda Diallo, Nicola Giordano and Catherine Simonet

Implementing innovative methodologies to measure resilience in Niger

Guide Too complex to measure? Exploring resilience

Vicky Sword-Daniels, ITAD

Resilience measurement is complex. Yet it helps to build crucial evidence about how and why resilience is being strengthened, for whom, and in which contexts.